"Dr. Tigerlily is an incredible mentor and life guide." 

"I just wanted you to know what a amazing impact your class has had on my life already. I have always been a skeptic by nature, but your class has completely changed everything that I thought was true. I feel more whole now, after only three classes, than I have ever felt in my life. Just know you have changed my life for the better. Thank you so much."  Elise R.

"You have truly helped me become a better human and have taught me so much about life." Anna F.

"Truly, you are a phenomenal yoga instructor and I admired how much you were able to connect with each of us on a mind and body level." Lulu A.

"Usually every morning when I wake up, I experience extreme back pain, and it is immensely difficult for me to get out of bed because of how stiff I feel. For most of the day, any spinal movement sends stabbing pain down my body. Since practicing the yoga we learn in class at least every two days, I have realized that I no longer wake up to any back pain. As if that itself were not enough of a miracle, mid-way through the second week of class, something else amazing happened. I was doing some morning yoga stretches, and as I bent forward bringing my hands to the floor next to my feet, I felt my thoracic vertebrae crack. Occasionally my lower back or cervical vertebrae will pop because those portions of my spine are only partially fused. My middle back, however, is completely fused, and I cannot recall it ever cracking since I had my surgery. When I stood back up I felt absolutely amazing. In just two weeks of practicing yoga on and off, I achieved what I previously thought to be impossible. Overall, in less than a month, this yoga class has helped me immensely with managing my anxious thoughts, and has begun to bring me back in touch with my physical body. I am looking forward to pushing myself and learning much more in the

months to come. I adored Dr. Tigerlily’s statement, “Everything is so simple, but it’s not easy.”" Emma L.


"I do not think you know how grateful I am for you and that I have taken your class... In your class I gained a sort of confidence that I have never had before. I have finally felt good enough."Brooke S.


"As a mentor of mine, I have recognized and long admired your inspiring qualities of empathy and compassion...Thank you for the many classes of students and individuals you have impacted, the many lovely humans you have given tools of love and empathy to carry with them forever. Thank you for helping so many of us grow in beautiful ways." Luis P.