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Healing begins from a state of relaxation. Relaxation is an active process that lets us know we are safe, and from there we restore ourselves to balance. In my role as a holistic educator and practitioner, I provide clients and students the tools to access that feeling of safety and contentment even in times of stress and chaos.  I have spent the last two decades developing my intuitive awareness and empathic skills, formally studying the way we embody our stories energetically and physically. By incorporating Yoga and Ayurveda practices and principles into our daily life, we consciously transform our existence. I look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming your best self. 

Free Initial Consultation

I'm happy to meet with you over zoom so we can have a conversation and determine which services or packages will best meet your needs and goals. Book now

Private Yoga Sessions 


Develop strength, flexibility, and balance, on and off the mat.


New to yoga? Healing from an injury? Want to enhance your existing practice? Increase your focus? Private Yoga Sessions are customized for each individual’s needs and goals and can include beginner’s and advanced yoga, yin, restorative, affirmation yoga, as well as focus in meditation and pranayama.


60 minute sessions, $75. Packages available here  Book now




Experience deep relaxation and balance


Reiki is a gentle practice involving energy work and light touch with wide ranging benefits. Clients seek out Reiki for balance, centeredness, relaxation, and self-care. Studies show that people who receive Reiki report improved sleep, reduced pain, and reduced anxiety. Reiki has been recognized by the Mayo Clinic as a beneficial service.

60 minute sessions, $75. Packages available here  Book now

Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is a state of expanded mental awareness and deep physical relaxation accessed through guided meditation and visualization. Yoga Nidra has been utilized for thousands of years by yogis in the East; and in recent years, it has gained popularity in the West. While in the state of Yoga Nidra, deep healing is possible, creativity is enhanced, and the capacity to manifest one’s goals and visions is maximized. I work with clients on the development of one’s sankalpa, which is a long-term intention or resolve. Then I utilize progressive relaxation to guide clients into Yoga Nidra, where they visualize their sankalpa as a means of bringing that vision into reality. While the sankalpa is unique to each client, with as many sankalpas as there are imaginations, common examples include attaining optimal health, quitting smoking, passing an important exam, finding true love, obtaining the dream job, etc. Medical research has shown that Yoga Nidra benefits individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, diabetes, pain-management, PMS, PTSD, and more. Yoga Nidra is also proving beneficial in the age of COVID as it strengthens one’s overall health, well-being, and centeredness. 


60 minute sessions, $75. Packages available here Book now



Meditation is a practice of sustained concentration that calms the body and quiets the mind. Research has shown that meditation can reduce stress-related issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. An ancient and universal tradition, meditation in present day has become increasingly popular, nearly trendy, resulting in greater access, yet also much confusion. I will work with clients to clarify meditation through practice of various methods to help them find the method that works best for them. Clients emerge with a developed personal practice, equipped with tools of meditation to carry into everyday life, enhancing their own well-being and exuding peace to those around them. 

60 minute sessions, $75. Packages available here  Book now

Holistic Wellness Consultation

When we take in through our senses that which is harmonious to our being, we experience health. Conversely, when we ingest that which is disharmonious, we experience dis-ease.  Each person has a unique constitution. I will work with the client to determine their specific Ayurvedic constitution and areas of imbalance. Based on the client's needs and goals, we will craft a customized, harmonious lifestyle routine. The client will learn tools to create a healthy daily regimen specific to their emotional, physical, mental, energetic and spiritual needs, including optimal food choices, yoga postures/movement, breathing/relaxation/meditation exercises, and more.


Three session minimum: $450 Package information and booking here

Communication Consulting/Coaching

 With a Ph.D in Communication Studies and over 20 years experience,

 I specialize in 

            Non-violent communication

            Conflict resolution

            Interpersonal communication

            Public Speaking

            Managing Speaking/Performance Anxiety


I will help you to identify and resolve difficult communication patterns and relationship dynamics, and to move forward with healthy dialogue practices.

I will equip you with essential public speaking skills and help you prepare and deliver a professional, polished presentation, manage speaking anxiety, and cultivate confidence and immediacy with your intended audiences.

$100/hour Packages available. Book now


Let me help you with your writing and editing needs. Skilled in nearly all genres.


Pricing dependent on scope. Call or email to set up a time to discuss your project.; 618-889-0427


Storytelling/Creative Consultation/Problem Solving

I'm skilled in the creative process, including conception, conceptual, collaborative, problem-solving, trouble-shooting, analyzing, deconstructing, etc. Brainstorm your ideas with me and I can offer constructive feedback and ideas to support your creative vision.

$100/hour Packages available. Book now

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